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Advanced technology

Our company adopts its own patented technology by extractive distillation, reactive distillation, distillation separation and precision alkylation of advanced technology combined production of high purity phenol, o-cresol, m-cresol and p-cresol and tert Ding Jijian 6 antioxidant intermediate cresol (3M6B) and 2 uncle Ding Ji paracresol (4M2B) etc..

Technical characteristics

The heat integration and energy recovery technology because most of the distillation process involves the separation of isomers of several homologues, struggling to difficult, the number of theoretical plates and the return required is relatively high, so more energy consumption, advanced heat integration and energy recovery technology by this process, the energy consumption level of the device is greatly reduced.

Treatment of waste gas by chemical absorption method

The vacuum tail gas of the rectification process and the respiration of the container are efficiently absorbed and returned to phenol, and the tower chemical absorption method with fast reaction rate and high recovery rate in the absorption process achieves environment-friendly production.

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